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In the Dental Industry

 Since 1995- Nikki – our owner – has been working in the dental lab industry full time. She has made over hundreds of mouthguards with her own two hands. Making Custom Mouthguards Since 1999 – she has years of valuable knowledge and experience.

While developing her own brand and style for the best comfort, fit and protection, Nikki would have an idea that she believed could improve her product. She would make a mouthguard for her friend who is a pro UFC fighter and listening to the great feed back.

That’s what prompted Nikki to make her products and offer them to you all. Knowing the best in the world wear her brand gave her the confidence to promote and offer them to you all. She has mastered the custom fit mouthguards.

Today we are New Zealand’s only lab dedicated to Custom Mouthguards. We’re one of the only company in New Zealand to service the pro athletes from UFC, boxing, All Blacks and hockey

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